Dear my brothers and sisters in scouting i salute you. i appreciate your effort. this the admin for Scouting4Peace Uganda. i would like to request you to think of the Scouting4Peace Uganda by also at least organize an expedition or a camp in our country which will promote our activity and also strengthens our foundation. we love much to carryout scouting4peace activities by helping the needy and anyone in the time of disaster but we don't have good finance . therefore it will be of greater pleasure if the member accept my request and the coming general gathering of the Scouting4Peace foundation. you give us a chance to organize it.

your opinions are welcomed .

yours in scouting. 

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Comment by MOHAMED KADALAYI on August 14, 2013 at 10:00am

Very good, You can prepare promotional videos and slide shows of scouting4peace and use it in the gathering. I think it more interseting and helpful for people to understand. Always use Logo of s4p as well as the url (

With Best Regards


Senior Admin- s4p


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