‎2012 is approaching pretty fast now it is time to get those celebrations ready, to celebrate another very successful year of Scouting4peace. We will be running a number of competitions for this event normal rules apply

Design a Postcard or a calendar :

1. It must show the official scouting4peace logo

2. It must show the official foundation URL www.scouting4peace.org

3.. No specific country must be mentioned

4. It must be peace themed and include scouting

All subscribers will get an online certificate from Scouting4peace Foundation ,and the winner of each competition will receive an official Scouting4peace badge. Deadline for all competitions is 1 January 2012 send all the desgins to : hossam@scouting4peace.org

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By Mohamed Medhat
Scouting4peace Foundation - Egypt
Happy New Year to all our friends all over the world

BY Ahmed Alaa
Scouting4peace - Egypt
Media Team

 by : mohamed aandy 

scouting4peace - Egypt

 media team 

only 4 days left , hurry up and and finish your designs 

By mohamed medaht
scouting4peace- Egypt
Media team

only two days left , the prize is waiting for you :) 

only one day left , waiting for your designs 

By Mohamed Medaht
scouting4peace- Egypt
Media team

By Medo Tarek
Scouting4peace- foundation
Media team

By Medo Tarek
Scouting4peace- foundation
Media team

thanks all for participating , hope that all of you have spend a joyful holiday and happy new year :) 

the results will be renouncement in 3 days starting from now , again thank you 



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