Let us light candle for Philippines and Indonesia victims

Philippines and Indonesia

Typhoon Ondoy has flooded the streets of Metro Manila, displacing over 200 families in the Luzon Region.Central Luzon was affected the most by this natural abomination.Many Cities were in state of calamity.Houses were destroyed.Lives had lost.Our poor kababayan's doesn't know where to start.All we can do is to donate and pray. . .

Direct to the point,Let's pause for a moment and Let's all pray for the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

A powerful earthquake has struck off the Indonesian island of Java, killing 44 people, officials say.

More than 300 have been injured and it is feared the death toll will rise as many homes have reportedly been buried by a landslide triggered by the quake.

More than 700 houses were badly damaged by the magnitude 7.0 quake, a social affairs ministry official told AP.

The quake struck around 1500 (0800 GMT). Its epicentre was offshore, 115km (70 miles) south-west of Tasikmalaya.

Medical teams have been dispatched to the city, where damaged properties included the mayor's home and a mosque.

The tremors were felt in the capital, Jakarta, 200km to the north, where hundreds fled into the streets from offices and shops.
BBC news

Let us light candle for our brothers and sisters in Philippines and Indonesia
Tarek Y Aziz
Scouting4peace Foundation

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The power of Prayer is very strong. When one prays with pure heart & soul, the effect is very magnified and can be felt by all concerned. Let us all pray together.

"May Almighty God easy all the difficulties, calamities and illnesses faced by our brothers & sisters, May He fulfil their desires. May He give them courage and blessings to rebuild their lives. May He stand by them all the time and protect them from further harm. May He grant them Spiritual Blessings. May He keep those that He took away in His Holy company and grant them the abode of peace. Amen"

Let us do what we can in our power to help our brothers & sisters.

Karim Meru
My heart and prayers go out to all to easy their diffulcites and the most tragic one that can ever imagine...... for those who are lost may they rest in peace, and for those that lost love loved ones, my they find find peace, my prayers are with you always!!!! the world loves and supports you!!1
A message to my Brother & Sister, Scouts & Scouter's,

The Philippines & Indonesian people at this time are in need and we can pray


He is a God of Love and will provide healing and all their needs according to his riches in glory.

Yours in Scouting

Prayers being sent.
John Payne
Brothers in Scouting,

I am from Philippines and seeing that the world is mourning on this times of calamities make the burden so light. I would like to thank you all for your prayers.

Jaypee Morada
Yes, We definitely pray for all. There are lots of scout brothers and sisters in Philipenes and also in Indonesia.
If we all ask together to God for peace, he will answer soon...

even if we are far from Luzon and Indonesia ,,, we are still all concern ,, because we are one family in SCOUTING..
and it is our duty and call as a SCOUT to help other people in our own little way ,,
and the most efective wat of helping is our concern , support and the most of all our PRAYERS,,

a litle candle still light up in the dark ,,,,
i saw people helping each other,,
care each other ,,
concerned each other,
this is what the light where all SCouts are made of,,,

i even saw SCOUTS from CAINTA RIZAL and other City affected by this serge,, helping other ,,
and i am very confident that Some Scouts in this places are always ready to lend a hand ,,,
ready to share and ready to help,,,

i even see some Scout Crew , Patrol , and team ,, helping this affected area,, how i wish i could name them,,
as a member of Phil. air force rescue and a Reservist we are here to help and we dicided me and my Scout Mates and our troop, outfit and Cirle , Scout or Student that this Whole Month of October the Scouting month , a Candle will be Light up every day for those people form Philippines and Indonisia and some other places affected by this serge ,, and a everyday mass for those fallin Comrades in Scouting and thier family,,


Your Good Friends ,
RS 208 Cebu

Kuya kenn
I hope the best for the Indonesian and Philliphines people.

I also hope that the Asia Jamboree can be a reality, even I doubt, now Manila is so flooded

Best wishes

Ulrik Sørensen
From Scout in Malaysia,

May the Lord always be with the victim and blessed them in Indonesia and Philiphines.
May their faith be strengthen by the Lord and help them in each difficulties and trials.

"Lord, bless and help your people thats fall into difficulties and trial. May God bless them to strengthen their courage to rebuild their life. May this Light of Life light up their life once again to help them in future. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. Amen"

Thomas Ling
We pray for all our scout brothers and sisters in Philippines and also in Indonesia.
From Ethiopia Scouts
Dear Brother Tarek,

Thank you very much Brother and also to Ray and his group for the prayers and concern for our distressed and displaced people. Any help you can send us will lighten the hardship and pain presently experienced by our countrymen.During this hour rains continue to fall and we just hope not another big flood hits us again. Please continue praying for us. Likewise for our neighbors in Indonesia and Samoa. Thank you so much. Jun
Very sad news coming from India too, Many of the Southern states are under flood and wind.
Almost 300 were killed. Govt and Air force trying their best to rescue operations,



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